Thursday, October 5, 2017

Finding Treasure at Thrift Shops

Going on a thrift shop is fun because you can find really nice things for  cheap prices.  Here are just some of the  pretty things that I find  at the thrift store.  
 This big  vase with flowers was only $3.  I thought it's so darn cute.  I bought it because I wanted to add some color in our entrance hallway corner. 
 I don't really need this vase but since it was only $3, I bought it too.
 The tall vase  was also $3.  I bought it to put my  glass flowers. 
 The first two  decorative things on top  are both $4 each.  The one in the bottom was given to me by  my son's godmom so when I saw the two decor, I thought it would go great together of what we already have. 
Thrift shopping is fun if you are willing to really look for  some hidden treasures.  Sometimes, prices  at  a thrift store doesn't make sense, there are products that worth a lot but they sell it for cheap then there are some also that doesn't worth anything but they price it high. Again, it all  comes down to looking through the stuff they have and paying attention to their pricing.

How about you, do you shop at a thrift store?  What is your recent find if there's any?

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Grant Nguyen said...

Another persons trash is someone else's treasure... at least that is what I think when I go thrifting... you have made some amazing discoveries.


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