Thursday, July 27, 2017

Retirement Car

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It's been seven years since my husband  have retired from the military.  He misses it once in a while especially the traveling that comes with it.  It's funny  because during his last couple of  years that he was in, he couldn't wait to get out.  For me, I am glad that he is out because it is hard moving  from place to another especially with small children.  Luckily, he got out  at a perfect timing when our kids  had to start  school.  He spent 20 years of his life in the Navy and  all of his tours were overseas that's why he misses  the travels.  One of his  retirement wishes was to have a sports car.  His dream did not happen right away until this year.  He finally got the car that he wanted, we bought a Saturn Sky convertible car.

Finding the car  is not easy, he did a lot of searching and browsing online. One of the many websites that helped him find   his dream car is  Finding it online is a lot easier than physically  seeing  the car.  We had to go to two opposite direction  to  get it.  First, we drove 50 miles to Ohio to see the first one but before we even reaches the place, the salesman called  us and said that  the car got sold.  My husband was disappointed and I was upset because we  drove there for almost an hour and to be told it was gone just ten minutes before we get there was kind of shady.  They should have advised us before we even left our place.  But you live and learned.  It wasn't a good business  deal on their part but I told my husband that  things happen for a reason and that maybe it wasn't meant to be and it wasn't because we found a better deal somewhere else.

The second place that we went to was a sure hit but before we went there, my husband told the salesman what happened to us previously so he hold the  car for us.  He did not allow anyone to look at it till we get there.  It took us  over two hours to drive  102 miles but it was worth the drive since  it was exactly the car that hubby and I  both like, color price, and their customer service was great.  We should have read the reviews from  before going to the first place we went to but we learned our lesson so we applied what we learned on our  second trip.

Both hubby and  our son loves car, they can talk about car all day long.  Sometimes my daughter and I get tired of hearing them talk  about the same subject over and over again lol.  They  both love  riding in it.  I am glad that my husband finally  got his retirement car, he definitely deserve it.

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Deli said...

That's really frustrating, Sis, when that first dealer told you a bit late that the car has been sold. But I think all things work together for good in the end. God gave you just the right car :) It does help to be able to check online some helpful car reviews and information.

Jessica Cassidy said...

I loved the color of your retirement car Sis. It looks beautiful. My husband will retire soon, maybe in two years. He cannot wait. I wanted a SUV car but I doubt it as he likes a truck.


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