Saturday, March 25, 2017

New Sofa Slip Covers and Window Treatmets

I bought for slip covers  online to  protect the new  couch and love seat that we bought.  I also would love to cover the old  furniture that we have had because they were still in good condition and I wanted to  put it in our  bedroom since we have a lot of room there.  
 I found this aqua color and it perfectly  fit the  them that I have upstairs and it also  came perfectly matched the rugs that I bought for the living room.
 The covers are easy to  slip through the furniture and  it is also easy to clean by  washing it in the washing machine or you can even  hand wash them.  I should have done it with our first  set of living room furniture then but  it's okay.
 I also purchased  some  curtain treatments  to replace the ones in the kitchen.  I am still looking for some  curtains to replace the ones in the  picture window but can't find any that I like yet.
The KMart here in our area is closing so we went there and avail the  deals on window treatment.  I bought some curtain rods and  panels.  Window treatments are expensive so it was great to bought them for a lesser price.  

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Ria C said...

Your house looks fab sis! It's much bigger than the ones you had before. I like the furniture covers. How are they the perfect fit?!? Are they custom made for that brand of furniture you have?

mom's shout out said...

Love the color of your cover. That is my fave of all colors.. actually i'm planning to have a new set of covers for our sofa but can't still find the right color that i want

Nova said...

Love the combination and the blue sofa makes the whole room cool in the eyes, and the white does makes it look sophisticated.

Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen said...

I love those blue sofa covers. They are cool and easy on the eyes.The curtains naman are so dainty.

Janice said...

I love the sofa covers! I should really have some made for our couch. We had to throw away our old one because it got destroyed already. I'm sure it would have lasted longer if we used sofa covers.

Jessica Cassidy said...

Wow! Sis Rose your house is so beautiful. I wish I have that talent decorating. You did an amazing job.


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