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Why It Is so Hard to Find a Good Doughnut

A good doughnut is hard to find. In the majority of cities around the country, there are bakeries. And just about every one of these bakeries sells doughnuts. Unfortunately, not all of them sell a good doughnut. In part this is because what makes a doughnut good varies from person to person. For some people, a good doughnut is one that has a nice crisp exterior, along with a doughy interior. Others like a good doughnut because it is firm and has a chewy texture.

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Then, of course, what makes a doughnut good is going to vary depending on the type of doughnut a person is talking about. One would not expect a glazed doughnut to have the same characteristics as a Bismarck. Both of them are going to have features that could make them good. For example, if a person is eating a glazed doughnut, when they bite into it, they want to glaze to be crisp. A good glazed doughnut will have glaze that is thick enough that it will start to fracture as a person bites into it. However, the glaze will not to be so thick that it makes it difficult to bite. A good glazed doughnut will use the glaze as a way to accent the flavor of the doughnut underneath. However, the sugar and other ingredients used in the glaze should not be so overwhelming that they distract from the actual taste of the doughnut itself.

However, when a person is eating a Bismarck that is filled with raspberry, lemon, or Bavarian cream, there are other factors that determine whether or not the doughnut is good. Obviously, the biggest factor is the filling. The filling should have a strong enough flavor that it contrasts with the dough around it. However, the flavor of the filling, especially in the case of a lemon doughnut, should not be so strong that it overpowers the sweetness of the doughnut that surrounds it. A person does not want to walk away from eating a lemon Bismarck puckering their lips because it was just so sour.

There’s something that is exciting about seeing a baker roll out trays of doughnuts. As one hears the sound of the bakery casters clinking against the floor, and they smell the aroma of the freshly baked doughnuts, they know that they are in for a treat. When people find a doughnut shop in their area that makes doughnuts they love, they will loyally only buy doughnuts from that shop.

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