Tuesday, October 20, 2015

My Quick & Easy Guide On How To Save Money In Your Apartment

If you live in an apartment, you’ll be paying a monthly rent. To pay rent on time, you’ll need to either make more money or save money. Well, here are four ways you can save money in your apartment:

Only Buy Things You Have To Buy

When you rent an apartment, there are a couple of furnishing options available to you. You can either buy one that’s fully furnished, or one that isn’t. Most brand new apartments can be bought off plan, like the ones shown here http://www.sttrinity.com.au. This does mean you will have to buy everything you need, but you will have saved a considerable amount. If you do buy a furnished place, your home is already full of the furniture that you need. However, some people tend to get rid of this furniture and buy stuff that they like more. While this may end up making your home look better, it can cost you money. It doesn’t make sense to buy a brand new sofa when you already have one. My advice is only to buy things if you have to. If there isn’t a bed, then you have to buy a bed. If there are no dining room chairs for the table, you’ll need to buy some. But, if everything is furnished and fine, you can save money by leaving things as they are.

Turn Your Heating Off

In some cases, landlords won’t include gas/heating in your monthly rent. So, you’ll have to pay for it separately. To save money on your heating bills, you can do one simple thing. All you need to do is turn your heating off. Put on some extra layers and close your windows if you’re cold. Only turn the heating on when you truly need it. Apartments aren’t as big as houses, so they don’t tend to get as cold.
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Make Use Of Your Windows

A simple way you can save money is by making good use of your windows. But, what do I mean by this? I’m saying that you should allow as much sunlight into your apartment as possible. Apartments tend to be very open-plan, so, your living room window can also light up your dining area and kitchen. You should make sure you have your blinds and curtains open, so as much light as possible can come in. If your apartment is lit by natural light, you don’t need to turn any lights on. Thus, you can cut down considerably on electrical bills. Usually, landlords won’t include electricity in your monthly rent. So, it makes sense to think of ways you can cut down on using electricity.

Look For An Internet, Phone & TV Bundle

One of the things that can take a toll on your finances is entertainment. These days, people will always buy a subscription TV package. This means paying a fair amount of money each month. But, you also have to pay your phone and internet bill as well. If you pay all of these separately, it can soon add up. Especially if you’re buying from different providers. My top tip is to look for the cheapest package that includes all three things. You can save a lot of money if you bundle them all together and commit to one provider. Plus, some will offer special rates for the first 12 months, so look out for that. Finding a good internet, phone and TV package can save you heaps of cash in your apartment.

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