Monday, February 10, 2014


I was looking at some photo albums this morning and came across this photo of my husband when we had our honeymoon in Cebu City Philippines.  We went to this music store and  looked at some beautiful guitars.  We bought one and left it at my mother's house but unfortunately, it was broken already when we came back few years ago.  It make me sad because I was planning to bring  it here.  Mama said that someone in our neighborhood borrowed it one time but got drank and  ruined it.  Hubby and I were crushed as the guitar was one  of our remembrances when we had our honeymoon and it was gone because of some irresponsible individual.

Moving on, I am so intrigued by this  
jo ral bass trombone cup mute at WWBW that I see. I have never seen one like this before.  Oh boy, I have been thinking, if I can save up some money, I would like to buy my husband a bass so he could play again.

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Unknown said...

Oh I bet that would make a great gift for your hubby! Definitely looks like he enjoyed it at one time for sure!


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