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How To Shop For An Engagement Ring

So many of us have fallen in and out of love over the years. But when it’s ‘the one’ that you are with, you can spend what feels like a lifetime waiting for him to get down on one knee. Perhaps it’s time you gave up on the subtle hints. It’s time you took him shopping!

If you have been having ‘the’ chat with your partner and you feel it is time a formal commitment was made, you may want to browse some jewelry stores together. He may not want to buy a ring then and there, but he needs to get an idea what kind of ring you are looking for. A diamond engagement ring can be many things. There are so many designs and cuts out there. Having a designer ring could mean any number of styles.

If you were looking at Houston jewelers, you could find some of the highest quality diamonds in the world. A good diamond would have a high clarity and minimal imperfections. Perhaps the most important thing to consider is the cut. You may want a round diamond or a princess cut. You may choose a three-stone setting or a full band of diamonds. Some diamond jewelers will offer you a bespoke service, or let you design your ring.

Visiting the stores with your husband-to-be gives you a chance to see the ring on your hand. You can also ask about the diamonds and the build process. Viewing the ring in person could be the best way to find a ring you like, or at least identify the kind of design you are interested in. There are also some very good online stores, allowing you to access the best jewelers all over the globe. You can see great photographs of the diamonds and the designs. Some even allow you to build a ring with a simple online app.

When it comes to your engagement ring, money should be no object, but there may be an upper limit you are restricted to. A very good quality diamond will look amazing and will last a lifetime. Engagement rings often become treasured family heirlooms too, so look out for a design that will stand the test of time. A lot of couples like to have an engagement ring engraved. This is also done for the wedding rings. If you are picking out your wedding rings at the same time, you may want all three rings engraved together by the same artist.

Diamonds come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and clarity. To pick a good one requires a good eye and honest information from your jeweler. When you are browsing lots of stores, be sure to pick one you can have confidence in to provide detailed information about the gemstone. Some stores even provide the opportunity for you to meet the designer so you can better understand the meaning of the artwork. Find a good ring with the right meaning to suit both of you.

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