Friday, August 29, 2014

Table Runner for my Dining Table

We seldom use our dining room table to eat.  We usually eat at our kitchen table.  I regretted buying a set of dining furniture since we hardly use it and we don't really need it.  Although it is good to have but I don't really see a  great use of it for a family of four like us.  But anyway, our dining are  serves as the  junk place for my product reviews and  my daughter uses it for her arts and craft.  I decided to clean it up and free it from mess last week, so now it looks like a formal dining room again and not a  junk area hehehe.   I don't have a  Burlap and Lace Table runner but a friend of mine gave me this table runner which I like.

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Ria C said...

You have a very lovely dining room area sis. I like how cozy and very homey it is. Your table is also great and I am sure that it can be spruced with lovely table runners with textures.


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