Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Garage Sale Haul

There was a garage sale at St. Joe's Rectory,  a couple of weeks ago.  My son has been itching to come and see what they have that he can buy.  There were actually good  things in there that we saw.  Now here  are the things that I got, I only paid $3.50 for all of them.  I love this heart shaped knickknack. It has a dedication at the back that says, "With Love" Mikasa Japan
I also love this  figurine.  I am not sure if it suppose to be  the Virgin Mary or an angel?  Then I found these set of four  tropical place mats.  They were still new with tags on them.
I also found this movie "The Cell" by Jennifer Lopez and we watched it when we came back home.
Here is my daughter's  big haul for free!  I love this painted bamboo box  which is is still new and has the tag price of $16.89 from Pier Imports.  She can definitely use this for her trinkets and stuff. 
She thought  that this crocheted refrigerator magnet is so cute.
Christmas decors and a bootie figurine, all of these are  free.
Here is my son's  garage sale haul for free also.  He found a leather coin wallet that's made from England.  He was very impressed to find a wallet made in England lol.  He also got a cute table  Timex clock, it still works too.
The year of this key chain is what drawn my son's attention, 1969. He immediately said, "Hey, that's the year Daddy was born" so he bought it. Well, the old folks gave it to him for free.
Over all, it was a fun  experience that  mark a very important lesson to my kids.  They  were so  amazed and admired the  older folks that was there who gave all of the stuff that they  were trying to.  buy for FREE.  They came home with their money intact but with different pretty little things.  To the  elderly group from church, thank you very much for showing kindness, thoughtfulness and generosity to my children.  We will never forget you!  God bless!

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Dhemz said...

sounds like a fun experience indeed! I like the basket and great finds too!


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