Monday, May 26, 2014

Biggest Burglary Fails

The threat of being burgled is a constant one, through countless television shows and movies, we have been conditioned to think of all thieves as masters of deception, equipped with elaborate plans to get at your belongings. In the real world, this is not so much the case, in fact, many thieves can and do make some ill-advised choices. Here are some stories of thieves who have clearly not thought through their plans properly and have ended up, rather hilariously, in hot water. 

  Poorly disguised man throws rock at door 

In a story so comical that some would have trouble believing it, a man in California, dressed only in an ill-fitting shirt and pajama pants, knocks on the door of a meat and grocery store. Receiving no response, he leaves, but returns with what can only be described has a rough mask covering his face. He then very sneakily throws a rock at the glass door, setting off the alarm, which causes him to run away, tripping over his own feet while he does so. Not the smartest move by not the smartest man. 

  Permanent marker makes for a great disguise 

In Iowa, two young men tried to break into a flat, but fled after being detected. The man who informed the police of the attempted robbery described the two as having ‘painted faces’ and wearing dark hooded tops. When police eventually caught up to them, it was revealed that their faces were actually just beards, moustaches and masks hastily drawn on with permanent marker – the choice of disguise for those on a tight budget. 

  Tattoos can be revealing 

A young man was caught breaking into a car and stealing its navigational device, courtesy of his strategically placed tattoo. The car was a surveillance vehicle designed to lure in thieves, and so was equipped with cameras, which the man obviously did not detect. These cameras revealed his name and birthdate which were tattooed on right side of his neck, making for quite possibly the easiest arrest of all time. 

  Asking your victim out on a date 

Three robbers broke into a house in Columbus and accosted the couple living there, before leaving with some money and significant items. However, one of these men decided that these material concerns were not enough for him, and went back to the house two hours later to ask the female victim out on a date. Not only was he rejected, he was recognized as one of the three robbers and promptly arrested in front of the house.

Even though these stories are rather funny, burglary is and should still be a concern to all home and business owners. Not all burglars will make mistakes quite as unwise as these, and if you are worried about the security of your home or business, security professionals such as Stylewise Security can help you make some of these serious decisions.

Do you know of any other amusing stories of botched burglaries? Have you ever witnessed or experienced a burglary that might not have gone the thief’s way? Let everyone else know by leaving a comment down below.

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