Thursday, April 17, 2014

Spring Cleaning with Swiffer

I bought this Swiffer sweeper  for $9.99 last weekend for my Spring cleaning at home.  I had to scrub our kitchen floor and  tiles at the basement.  I am tired of using my  regular mop so I tried this one.
I also bought a pack of wet  mopping refills for $5.89.
This is easier to use than the mop but it's a bit expensive and you can only use  the wipes/towels once unlike the mop that you can wash and then reuse it over and over again.  But unlike the regular mop,  when you use this one, you don't have to  deal with washing, just toss it in the garbage  and you're done.

I did my initial Spring cleaning last Saturday and it felt good.

NOTE:  This is not an Ad.

3 valuable thoughts they wrote, what's yours?:

Mrs.D said...

yours look sturdy than mine. This reminds me to buy a new refill.

Nova said...

Very informative review here, like you i've been using the regular mop and i kept thinking about using swiffer but way too skeptical about it...thanks for sharing.

Franc said...

I think the Sweeper can really make the work to be done faster.


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