Saturday, March 1, 2014

Shopping Online

I was introduced to online shopping when I first ca,me here in the States. I was new here and my husband was still in the service that time so he told me that if I ever need to buy something and he wasn't at home, that I could shop online and he showed me how. I am just glad that I  am not a shopaholic addict or else we could have been financially troubled hahaha.  But seriously, online shopping is a very convenient especially for a stay at home mom like me.  We can shop without leaving the comfort of our home.  You can basically shop around the world no matter where you live.  
Here's the dress that I bought online, all the way from China.  We have to remember though that when we shop online, we have to  take extra precautions to avoid fraud and   identity theft.  Just like when I purchase this dress, few hours after I placed this order,  there were  5 purchases that  went in my account  that was from different countries.  I was so shocked so I  immediately contact them and I changed my  info at their website.  Gladly',  no harm was done, I caught  it  at the right time.
If you want to see some shopping tips when shopping online, check out this website that offers different kinds of tips.  I read their article about the  these three online shopping tips that you should not ignore.  As I have  indicated  above with my personal  experience, it is always a must to take extra precautions when shopping online.  For more online shopping tips, visit

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FX777222999 said...

The extra awareness and safety must be observed at all times when dealing with online transaction. Glad you've done the right thing.

Franc Ramon said...

Shopping online is really more efficient way to shop and saves so much time.


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