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Teen Boy Room Makeover Ideas!

PADDINGTONBy the time a boy reaches his teens he will have well and truly grown out of his childhood room. His room will need to reflect his new interests and tastes and his transition into manhood. Engage your teenage boy in the makeover process. A good way to get started is to browse through some interior design magazines for some inspiration. Also check online at to see what kind of furnishings he might like.

Out with the Old

Before you even begin attempting a makeover in your teen boy’s room you need to clean it out. Chances are the room will be full of junk accumulated over many years of habitation. The best way to undertake this project is to take everything out. That may sound drastic but generally speaking drastic action is often called for in de-cluttering teenage boy’s rooms.

The Bed

Often a teenage boy will want to move from his single or bunk beds into a double bed. Most likely he is growing too big for his small bed and if it has a thin mattress it is probably no longer adequate for his growing frame. Having enough room for a double bed could be an issue if the room is small, so try measuring the space and see what it will look like with a larger bed in it. You can always place the bed right up against the back wall. Let him choose a new doona design too, something to match his teenage status.

Storage Components

While storage is important in every room, nowhere is it more important than in the room of a teen boy. Good storage options will make the difference between a teen boy’s room and a pigsty. Add shelves inside built in cupboards and take them right up to the ceiling to ensure full use of cupboard space. You might like to install shelving on the walls and add some storage boxes under the bed. Giving your teen boy a place to put everything is helping him learn to take care of his space and live a clutter free life.


Work with your teen boy to find a colour that he is happy to live with. Blues and greens are really popular with teen boys. Encourage him to add in blasts of colours in accessories, a bright orange poster or rug for example. Encouraging boys to experiment with colour helps free them from stereotypical dark hues.

A Hang Out

Your teenage boy will most likely want to spend time in his room, alone or with friends, just hanging out. Throw some bean bags around the room, something to sit on while playing the X-Box.

Add His Interests

If your teen boy is a keen surfer consider mounting an old surf board to the wall for a cool piece of artwork. Or if skateboarding is his thing, then maybe use a skateboard deck as a wall decoration. Whatever his interests are, try and incorporate them into the d├ęcor of the room.

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FX777222999 said...

Nice informative tips for this subject matter. Really, expecting in advance about the boys room.

Aisha Kristine Chong said...

These are good tips - the colors will definitely matter and knowing his interests will help you along the way too.

Nova said...

that is one indeed a great all in one bed and storage for your son, it it very nice and you actually use all the space.

Franc Ramon said...

Teenagers starts setting their own identity and it should show in their rooms already.

Unknown said...

It’s great to customize the bedroom according to the kid’s personality. ^_^

Marie said...

I should start thinking about this. My son is 8. Right now his room is full of marvel superheroes poster


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