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Set a Budget for New Year

The decorations have been up for a while, the flashing lights of Christmas are fading and you are nursing a New Years bucks fizz hangover. The excitement of the old year is still fresh in your mind, but you must look forwards, to the future! The putting up of Christmas decorations normally make you look twice at the well worn furnishings you have come to know as being part of your home. Some of them may look more worn than usual, peeling at the corners or fabric fading where it has hit the sun. So you decide on embarking on a New Years home makeover!
However, it is important to remember not to get too carried away. The New Year is still buzzing with ‘newness’, and because of the New Year sales, we can sometimes get caught up in the excitement. Whether it is a trip to the local furniture superstore, or a more personal trip to a home designer, there are some simple hints and tips to keep you in the clear for New Years.

Set a budget!

A simple enough step, but one that is easy to forget about when you see how much things may have been reduced for the New Year. Set yourself a provisional budget which you should aim to keep under, and also set a ‘no higher than this’ budget, just in case you do see something that you can’t possibly live without. It’s better not to start this New Year in the negatives just to buy that recliner for dad to use when he comes over at the weekends. He’s just fine in the old rocker for now.
Take a friend!

Or a trusted older relative. Make sure you take along someone level headed, who won’t get caught up in the mad sales rush. This person can then act as your ‘voice of reason’ whenever you start thinking about getting an all purpose multi-functional combination lamp and book-holder or a stylish faux leather pouffe with built in storage space. A second opinion is also valid when looking at genuine furniture pieces and fixings for your new room in the future.

Refurbish, not resolution!

It might have been one of your New Year’s resolutions to finally turn that spare bedroom into a study, or to get rid of the lilac wallpaper in the dining room, but sit down and think about it for a moment. Don’t rush into things because you are eager to check items off your ‘to do’ list. Christmas has only just gone, and you’re probably a little out of pocket.

Don’t get too excited about the New Year sales. Approach them with a clear, calm head, as you may get caught up in buying wild and otherwise garish pieces, just because they seem like a good deal. Take your refurbishment one step at a time and don’t rush decisions. Remember, although the New Year sales may only be on for a couple of weeks or even days, you will have to look at and live in this room for many years to come!

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Kerri Matheson is a home style blogger who has contributed this post on behalf of Furnished by Anna, offering interior design services to homeowners across Kent

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Vane M. said...

Uau! :)

Franc Ramon said...

It's always nice to start the year with something new but of course, it's also important not to indulge on the new stuff too much as it could mean starting the new year without money.

Aisha Kristine Chong said...

Yess.. tapos na ang pasko - new year naman ang dapat paghandaan! Nice tips!

Rcel's Triz said...

Oh... this I must say is a great information to share! Now I am reminded to do some planning ahead for the new year to come. Shopping-wise, I need to learn to put it behind me. LOL.

Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen said...

I love your Christmas tree!! Let start the new year right. Happy New Year to you and yours, mommy Rose!

Ane said...

Budgeting is still something I need to learn! :P Perhaps this coming year I'll learn how to stick to a budget I set! :P

lalalaPatricia said...

Thanks for these tips! Since I was the one who is preparing and doing the budgeting here in the house! This helps! Thanks! :)


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