Monday, May 27, 2013

Shopping Deals

I found this Daring Rose Plaid at JC Penny, I rarely find an X-Small size  with this kind of  so I grabbed one and it was on sale for $10 and the Sound Girl  jeans for $4.  I was wearing the shoes  that I got as birthday present last year from a dear friend and the outfit that I found looks perfect for the shoes so I bought them.
Another deal I got  is this USPA or polo shirts at Sears.  They were originally  $28 but I got them with 60% off.

I like finding great deals like this.

7 valuable thoughts they wrote, what's yours?:

Jessica Cassidy said...

I like that capri shorts that you bought Sis and perfectly match your sexy sandals too :-) I love to score amazing deals too :-)

Anonymous said...

Those are super cute. You are small like I am, have you checked out the childrens dept for clothing? I go there all the time and buy the large or xl and they fit perfectly! Children's clothing is a lot cheaper, just a little harder to find things for mom's!

mommy Orkid Belle said...

Wotwow! :) You absolutely look sexy and my dear Xsmall size is ahhhhmazing! :) Love the pants. And great buys. I am looking for new clothes for my little man as well since he will be going to school this fall. :)

Melinda Dunne said...

I really like the capri's. I also love a good deal and this is a great one.

Bless said...

JC Penny really have awesome deals. I am digging the $4 capri you got :-) Actually, that matches with the tank top and sheer blouse that I got from JCP too last weekend.

MzBaker @ Daleville Alabama Kitchens said...

You look totally cute I love the pants! they fit you perfect! cute top too!

Marms @ Mom's Shopping And Fashion said...

Those are good deals. Shopping is one of my hobbies, too :)


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