Saturday, April 27, 2013


It's been  three years since my husband  has retired from the Navy and I can tell that he misses  the service.  It is ironic though because when he was still in, he couldn't wait to retire but  now that he is on the other side of the  world, he wishes  that he  is still  on active duty hehehe.  I think that what he misses most is the  traveling part.  He get to travel different countries when he was still in the Navy.  

Anyhow, I suggested the other day that we should  donate some of his uniform in Goodwill  because it is cluttering our  closet.  I said that we should just leave each type of uniform to keep for remembrance and the rest can go.  He is very fond of the coat that he has though.  He uses it during Winter, we removed the  patches  and badge and it looks like a regular coat. 

Browsing around online, I found this navy flight jacket at Landing Zone.  They have different brands of jacket such as the Alpha Industries, Landing Leathers, BGLI, and modern.  You can narrow down your search when shopping by brand, by size, or by style.    Check them out by visiting the link above.

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mommy Orkid Belle said...

Awe! He loves his line of duty mommy and he misses it so much. I too like that Navy Jacket. They are just durable and warm perfect for the cold weather. I am really looking for a good Military Jacket though because the ones I got, my husband liked it and he is the one wearing it. hehehe...

Anonymous said...

My son owned one and it was really nice and I thought of buying one for my husband too, so they matched hehehe

jheylo said...

i bet he misses his work. that's good that you gave away his old jackets and got him new one?

melandriaromero said...

i guess that's the irony of retiring , you want to work again , he he he, but it is always good to just stay at home and get a good business


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