Monday, February 18, 2013

Extra Fancy Calrose Rice from Botan

I don't know if there's a truth to this "Extra Fancy" line that Botan brand uses for their  Calrose rice but we buy it anyway.  This 20 lbs  bag of rice costs  almost $18 at Walmart.  I grew up eating rice and I find it weird that when I don't eat  rice for a day, I get such a massive headache.  Not sure what's the connection but it does,  so we have cooked rice everyday at our home.  

When I first came here in the States, I was very shocked how expensive rice  is.  When I left my country  eight  years ago, a 50 kilos sack of rice would cost like 1,500 pesos which is about $30 dollars and that was when  the exchange rate of dollar to peso was 1 to 50.  When the President got re-elected the rate of dollar went down from fifty to 39 at the present.  To estimate the cost and content of the rice, five bags of this 9.07 kilos of rice here is way too expensive compared to the price of a 50 kilos rice over there.  Oh well...

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Anonymous said...

I use the same brand of rice.

Roger Owen Green said...

hmmm- extra fancy?
ROG, ABC Wednesday team


Great E choice for today, I don't cook with rice as much as I should but love it when I have it, especially extra fancy:)

Liz said...

Ang mahal nga!

Liz (mcn)


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