Friday, October 26, 2012

Price Tag

I love wearing jewelry like necklace and earring.  It's pretty much my everyday bling.  I seldom wear my watch and ring  because I don't like taking them on and off so I just don't wear them.  I don't like body piercing in any other part of the body like belly button or in the nose  but I sometimes  find people that looks good  with it.  Take for example the singer of Price Tag, Jesse J, she looks  good with a nose piercing.  It somehow  makes her look   exotic  and beautiful.    Body Jewelry can sometimes makes you look good or vice versa, I think it all depends on how you  use them.  But anyhow, if you are one of those  who like body jewelry, check out the  huge selection at Body Jewelry website.  Their prices are very reasonable  and you will find  different designs and  styles.  Body Jewelry offers free shipping for orders   of  $19.9  and  above so if you would buy   one or two, you can save for the shipping cost.  This will give you a cool idea on what to give your  girlfriend  this Christmas.  I think that  different styles  would make her smile all day.  Check them out by visiting the link above.

2 valuable thoughts they wrote, what's yours?:

Zimbabwe said...

I hate body piercing other than earrings, some people just get so carried away!! Have a good weekend Diane

HansHB said...

Happy MYM to you!


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