Thursday, September 20, 2012

Panama Jack

 Hello everyone, welcome to iShoppe, a place where I share my frugal way of shopping.  My son  walks really good in slippers  and he prefers to wear it more than shoes because his  feet easily sweats.    I found this cool looking design   flip flops in store.  I immediately think of an island   upon seeing the palm trees in it.  
I only paid $2.97 for this one as it was on sale.

7 valuable thoughts they wrote, what's yours?:

Roger Owen Green said...

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

photowannabe said...

Way to go with your value shopping.

Ann said...

An island is a great place to walk on.

The Poet said...

I only use them on the beach.

Dhemz said...

that is really cute!

Suzy said...

Nice jandals (flip flops).

Gillena Cox said...

those are cool slippers

much love...


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