Thursday, July 17, 2014

New Towels

I bought a set of  bathroom towels to hang in the rack./  I thought that  the design of this is very chic.  My husband  objected but I bought it anyway as it was on sale lol.  Isn't it so pretty???
We also bought new beach towels as we are heading out to  the beach this weekend.    We will be spending Ms. Burrito's birthday  in Ocean City so  that would be so much fun!  I just hope and pray that the hurricane  will be gone by the time we 're there.
Each of us chose different designs.

3 valuable thoughts they wrote, what's yours?:

Ria C said...

Nice towels! I love collecting towels especially the fluffy ones. :)

Jhady said...

These were on sale sis? They look so nice. I love the design especially the one with heels.

Ria C said...

Oh, those towels look so fab! I would like to have towels with stiletto and fashionable prints in my collection.Glad you got them at good prices.


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