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Ohio River used to have four bridges that connects Steubenville, Ohio to Weirton and Follansbee, West Virginia.  This is the Fort Steuben Bridge that was recently demolished. You can watch the video below how the demolition was done, it is pretty neat.  Thanks to Ohio Transportation for uploading the video.

A quick snap that my wife took after the demolition.
Below is the Veterans Memorial Bridge (Weirton-Steubenville), opened in May 1, 1990.  According to West Virginia's Department of Transportation, the cable‑stayed Veterans Memorial Bridge carrying US 22 between Weirton, West Virginia and Steubenville, Ohio is instead a monolith of both concrete and steel, combining the strengths of both.
This is the Steubenville  Railroad Bridge

According to Alan Hall, a Steubenville resident, the Market Street and Fort Steuben Bridges is the NS RR Bridge, a massive cantilever structure built in 1926 with 1909 approaches on the site of an 1865 bridge (reuses one pier). It handled the Pennsylvania RR Main Line, the Panhandle route until downgraded by Conrail. Today it is a dead end to industry on the WV side. The 1926 structure was constructed around the previous bridge, maintaining rail traffic except for one day required to switch-over.  Further research has revealed that the actual construction date of the current bridge is apparently 1936.
Market Street Bridge, an old but heavily altered suspension bridge, was built in 1905.  This was  re-opened  prior to the  demolition of  the Fort Steuben Bridge.

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