Saturday, August 6, 2011


We saw this Porsche parked in front of the school when we went for a walk. Hubby said "That is sweet!"
It's funny that our 4 year old son knows cars more than I do. Our daughter on the other hand, wants a Mustang when she grow up. I'd settle for a used Lexus to drive. Our son's taste in cars varies depending on what he sees n the road lol.

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le Chef said...

LOL! My daughter wants a Porsche AND a Mustang. Considering her personality, she's getting an old beater car with lots of bumper.

Rechie said...

wow! I dream to drive this car...

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Ms. Journ said...

ganda ng car at ganda ng model marunong nga pumili ng sasakyan rose. hehe..

anne said...

very beautiful... I hope to drive this car someday. Thanks for the visit. Do you mind to visit me here too? Thanks SAHM’s Online Diary

Mike PeƱaranda said...

Nice and clean.. :)

Shengkay said...

ganda ng model ah! ako la ding alam sa car..hehehe
thanks for joining mommy..


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