Sunday, June 12, 2011

Super Eight

Our town, Weirton, WV was the location where the "Super Eight" movie was filmed. During it's premiere in the local movie theater, the city held some kind of celebration. They put up tents and had some activities.  We did not attend so we did not really know exactly what kind of activities they did. 
Drivng home form my FIL, I took a couple of shots of the display  in the street.
So if anyone  wants to know where Super Eight was filmed, it is  in our town, Weirton.  In the movie, the place  is called Lilian Ohio but it's actually  shot here in W, WV.

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Mia Dela Cruz-Soriano said...

That is so cool! That movie is now showing here in Manila but we have yet to go see it. Will tell hubby about this. :D

eileeninmd said...

Great sighting of the yellow. Have a great week and Happy MYM!

Lina Gustina said...

I must find out what kind of movie Super Eight is :)

Dhemz said...

sweet! ang galing naman....dropping by here sis...mwah!

Liz said...


My RUBY link.

LV said...

I did not know that about the film. However, I have not been to a movie in so long, I am not sure if I would know how to act. Just the right spots of blues.

anne said...

Now I know at least if ever it will be air here, I know where did it filmed hehehe. Mine is up for orange tuesday its here My Little Home, thanks

Dianne said...

the movie is getting good reviews
it will be cool knowing where it was filmed

purethoughts said...

haven't watched the movie yet! i hope i could next week. visiting sis! thanks pala for the follow. hope you could visit my entry at

Unknown said...

wow! i will look for the movie so i will know the place where you guys live ;)

visiting from OT!

hope you can visit my entries too:

hope to see you there, thanks!

bluedreamer said...

wow... we're going to watch the film this week..
so nice to know that the film was shoot there in your town.. so cool
thanks for sharing
Here's our Orange Tuesday Entry
A Father's Day Gift
Have a great day and Happy Blogging

Nancy Janiola said...

Hmm, I should try watching that film now too..

Like this place, green and clean.

My entry is up here::)

Lainy said...

Nice tidbit of info,Rose. Gotta watch our for it in the theaters down here.

Hugs !

Cheerful said...

sounds like a great place...have to check that movie. have a lovely weekend! :)

Shengkay said...

Bakit sila ganyan?..heheheh..sasabihin na dito ginawa pero sa ibang lugar pala no? parang yung sa Eclipse..
Thanks for joining my Orange Tuesdays ..see you next round


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