Friday, September 18, 2015

Shopping Deals at TJMax

We went on a little shopping  at TJMaxx on  August 15.  Our goal was to find birthday gift for a friend's daughter  but we ended up finding some good deals on stuff.  We did not find  the gift though.  My husband find him some pieces that he likes that are on sale and the prices he can't pass.  
 I also found me this  Fall work out apparel and  hubby found a dress that he thought would fit me so I tried it on and voile, it fits perfectly!
 I also found this on a clearance section, a kitchen shears.  It has a non-slip grip handles.  It is a stainless  steel blades that stays Sharp and it's bright colors matches the color of my kitchen.
 I also grabbed me this 16 month weekly planer.  I love that it has religious sayings in every page which   motivates me everyday.
I can always  use notepads so when they are on sale, I always grab me one or two.  The best deal I found that day is this  manual juicer for $5.   I mean you can't beat that price.  IT was originally  $60 but  I luckily got it for $5
My husband was skeptical about it because  it was so cheap.  He said someone might have broken it and returned it.  I inspected everything when we came home and it work great so  there's nothing wrong with it.  We have been using this baby ever since  cause we have so many tomatoes.  

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