Monday, June 6, 2011

Lest We Forget

We attended a solemn ceremony at our town for memorial day. It was a very nice celebration dedicated to those forefathers who died in wars serving and defending the land of the free, the United States of America.

One of my Uncle died in Germany, he was drafted in the military same time as my Dad but they were assigned to different places. My Dad went to the Philippines while my Uncle Paul was sent in Germany. He died there and my grandmother did not see him again, his remains was buried there. I would like to go there and visit where he was laid to rest.
It is sad that most of the young generations nowadays does not recognized those sacrifices that they have made for us.
Please do not forget the bravery they did in order to give us the freedom that we are enjoying now.

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Unknown said...

hope you will be able to visit there :)

purethoughts said...

hi john! i was about to comment that rose, one of the participants shared a photo similar to yours but when I looked at your sidebar, you are Rose's husband after all! Haha funny. Anyways, thanks for joining Wednesday Whites! hope to see you again next week.


genny said...

it is indeed good to remember the heroic act of those brave men in uniforms. i hope you 'll be able to visit him soon. visiting you from nostalgia.

nwyz, needed a comment if you have time drop by and leave some words if you please. thanks;

nonizamboni said...

So sad about your uncle--there's no replacing what is lost in wartime. I agree we need to remember the sacrifice. Great photos of the day, by the way.

Verna Luga said...

it's because there are a lot of diversions young generation have today.. that is why this institution is rarely appreciated .. in fact there are more avon ladies than soldiers as I write .. hahaha..

O so your father has been here in the Phils... ? wow,, that's cool... so sad about uncle.. but for sure he's happy John wherever he is now.... all the best 'Kulangot' hehehe... thanks for the drop.. hugs to your lovely buritos...n rose...of course.


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