Sunday, May 15, 2011

Proud Navy Dad

Took a photo of this mug at my father-in-law's curio stand. The words on the mug says it all.

9 valuable thoughts they wrote, what's yours?:


I love that patriotic mug, it's awesome! You guys make a beautiful couple! Thank you for sharing this.
Have a great week.

Liz said...

I love the mug.

Have a fabulous week!

Liz @ MLC

SmilingSally said...

My husband was in the Navy--waaay back when! Thanks for sharing your blues.

Happy Blue Monday, John.

Dhemz said...

very nice!

Fashion Momma said...

Cute mug.

I played too. Mine are here and here.

LV said...

Most people that have served, are proud of it. Blessings to your dad.

Lina Gustina said...

Lovely mug with meaningful words :)

DrillerAA said...

And proud, a dad should be. Happy RT.

Ika said...

Very nice!


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