Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Here's a big tall tree that fell down when we had that big gush of wind a couple of weeks ago. I feel bad for those families who lost their homes in other states.

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Cassie said...

I hope you had your husband cut it up for firewood!

Stef said...

I feel sad for those who were really affected too. Hope you are all OK there. Hope you can visit my entry too! Thank you and happy Sunday!

Spadoman said...

That tree in the front will break all those picnic tables if it fell! I echo your sentiments, especially to those that suffered losses of life from the dtorms across the land.
Picnic tables, Hmmmmm, BBQ is a good idea for today, tomorrow I'll honor the fallen Veterans and their families.


Anonymous said...

great shot! nice shadows!

Light Trigger

Anonymous said...

Good pic. It is scary what others have gone through. My son had three friends who lost their homes in Joplin plus a few others who are concerned that the apartments they are in are not stable enough to go back into. I'm a new follower from Thursday's Cup of Joe Blog Hop. http://www.grandmasguidetolife.blogspot.com

Mindie Hilton said...


Won't you follow back with gfc saw you on the hop at 3 princes and a princess 2, your new follower with gfc

Katrina said...

Powerful winds sure can be scary. I am so glad that I don't live in a tornado area! But...are earthquake areas any safer? Doubtful. I guess there's no escaping Mother Nature, huh?

I'm a new follower of your blog via GFC. I saw your link on the Cup of Joe Thursday Blog Hop :)

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