Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Nest with Eggs

I went out to check the nest if there are eggs this year and sure enough, there are some. The Mommy Robin was freaking out while I was taking photos of the nest lol.
They never failed to do it every year.
Last year, we witnessed the whole transformation of the Robin.
It's nice to know it is officially spring. Although it's still cold but at leats there is no snow anymore (I hope).

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Wanda said...

A friend sent me a next with three blue eggs (not real of course) but makes a lovely centerpiece for my coffee table, along with some little ceramic birds.

Lovely shots..

Leslie: said...

I bet the mother WAS freaking out! But you got some fabulous shots and that blue is gorgeous.

abcw team

Roger Owen Green said...

a neat nest, and tidier than the one our robins made!
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

MERYL JAFFE, PhD - parent, psychologist, teacher, author... said...

What I found so interesting is that last year there were five eggs, this year three... Harsh winter?

Maharlikah said...

Cool blue eggs <a href= "> :-) </a>

Unknown said...

first time to see eggs in immaculate blue color...nice shots sis...

its me,
Cielo of Brown Pinay
Also blogging at
My Point of View | GCircles | Status Ko|

Dhemz said...

never pa talaga akong nakakita nang blue!

Unknown said...

blue eggs?? hehe 'kala ko para to sa easter egg sunday...hehe

Happy ABC Wed.

Grace said...

I love this photo and a great way to start off my TGIF and I hope you have a great one as well. I always feel sorry for mother birds. It is a hard job to raise and protect the little fledglings.
I'm following you!

Unknown said...

Great photo shots! I bet the papa Robin was also freaking out as well!

Perhaps she will laid more eggs when your not around with your camera. lol


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