Wednesday, February 16, 2011

February Celebrants - Nostalgia # 40

Some of you might have seen the photo above at my wife's blog but I am posting it again here. I just want to dedicate this post to my father who never cease to show his love for my mother. He never failed to visit her for every occasion, even if it meant that he has to walk on snow.

We visited last Sunday because it was my Mom's birthday. There are four people in the family who celebrates birthday in February. First up is our dear mother, then today is the birthday of my niece Tina, tomorrow will be mine, and on the 26th is my brother who passed away 7 years ago.

8 valuable thoughts they wrote, what's yours?:

Clarissa said...

Happy Birthday to all the Febuary celebrants most especially to you,Sir John!Best wishes po!

Unknown said...

you dad is a very loving person. that;s really so sweet

Verna Luga said...

awww... that's so sweet of grandpa... where ever grandma now sure she's happy.

Gen said...

In your family 4 of you celebrates b-days in February but in my family there are 3. My newborn son is Feb.1, my brother Joel next to me celebrates at Feb. 8, then Ramel is Feb. 14. Happy b-day to you...Such a great memories. Your father really is a sweet one to your mom. Happy Nostalgia.

Mine is here

Shengkay said...

your FIL is very much in love your MIL..

mommy Orkid Belle said...

Looks like you guys are going to be busy with all the family birthdays. :) It shows how much he loves his wife! Love indeed is wonderful!

Adin B

Star-chuu said...

Happy Birthday to all!! Wish you great life, happiness, good health and more wealth to come. Your dad is simply a good and lovely one.

Mel_Cole said...

Happy Birthday Mr. K and may you have many birthdays to come!

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