Monday, November 24, 2014

Sell, Swap, and Shop

I found a kids consignment online so I  am trying them out.  I have been looking for some outlet where I could   send  my children's winter clothing as I can't really send them to my niece and nephews in the Philippines.  There is no  consignment store here in our area so sending it online is the only way.  Anyway, here are the ones I sent to, a kids consignment online where you can sell, swap, and shop.  These are  in really great condition.  
I remember  the days when we bought this  coat for our son, he was tiny then.  We paid over a hundred bucks I believe for this coat at Baby Gap.  We should have  never bought things like this that are expensive because kids really grow up so fast and they  don't get to use the clothing very much and they outgrew them so fast.  
My husband does not care for price, as long as it is  high quality product, he would buy it for our kids.  My daughter's coat was from Baby Gap too.  I think we paid like $75 bucks for it.  Below are some of the coats that are  still in great condition.
 <y kids only used these snow suits  a couple of times, they hated this kind of clothing lol.
My husband told me that I should give it to Goodwill but I wanted to at least try to  sell it so I could  swap it with something for my kids.  With  money so tight these days, I really have to find  ways to  at least have a little extra.  Let us see if this one pan out.  If not, I won't try sending anymore.

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Jessica Cassidy said...

Good luck Sis R :-) you definitely will sell those outwear stuff and earn some bucks. I used to sell on Ebay before I learn how to blog.

papaleng said...

With stuff like these, no wonder, online selling is in a boom. Sis, you're right, never buy expensive stuff for kids. Mapaglalakihan lang nila.

mhie said...

That's a good deal sis, I buy my daughter's jacket in Outlet store it's much cheaper.The consignment in my area is expensive.Try once upon a child if you have in your area ( I sell all my daughter's clothes, toys) every now and. The consignment runs only twice a year at my end so you need to check it when they are in the area and you can sell all stuff including furniture clothes adults-too much work only.

Maria Teresa Figuerres said...

How I wish we have a similar store here in the Philippines where we can swap our pre-loved clothes for something else because it's a great way to save money.


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