Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Writing Names with Coins

My Dad let the kids count the coins he saved last Friday and they had so much fun. They even wrote their names using the coins.
Dad rewarded them with coins to put in their piggy bank. It's funny because our son wanted to bring it to the store and buy some new toys.
As much as possible, we want to visit Dad because we want the kids to be with him while he is still able to play and interact with him.
I hope that God will bless my Dad a healthy life for many years so he could see our kids grow up.

13 valuable thoughts they wrote, what's yours?:

Verna Luga said...

aww, that's sweet of grandpa ... so sad we don't have ours anymore ... the kids love that kind of activity, Ry and EJ are enjoying ...

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w0rkingAth0mE said...

kids tlaga can do everything, they can even do an interesting thing even in a coins, goodluck to your kids =)

Rimkogeren said...

Great - calling for a big smile :-)

Liz said...

Haha, gusto nya ishopping ang coins nya, kakatuwa naman.

Happy RT!

Kim, USA said...

Oh wow that's so much fun. Love to see your family bonding activity. Happy Monday!
Ruby Red Tuesday

Ralph said...

I like how the kids take to Grandpa, just like we did. Being named for my grandfather is also special, as children look up to their elders for their wisdom and good sense. And their ability to show the kids a fun time. Grandparents are worthy of our respect ALWAYS!

Carletta said...

A great way to learn the value of money and counting.
Writing their names was also a fun way to be creative.

Raven said...

Looks like everybody had a great time. What a nice set of photos.

Felisol said...

You are acting wisely.
Creating happy memories in the hearts and minds of your children is a priceless gift.
To grandparents, they say, grandchildren are the dessert of life.
May this one last long.

Rossel said...

hahaha, ej is very funny. my daughter has her piggy bank too and it's her 2nd piggy bank. the one got full and she used it to buy a new toy.

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Lina Gustina said...

It's so great and fun activity. Your kids surely love it.
Wish your Dad good health...

eden said...

What a fun for them! Grandpa is so sweet. Lots of red in there. Great photos.

Unknown said...

A good grampa knows just what kids love to do. Happy RT, kind of late!



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