Saturday, October 30, 2010

Spider on the Wall

A craft that the kindergarten students made in school.  They each have one and brought it home.  Kids in the States are very lucky  because they are  being taught of many arts/crafts at a very young age and their resources are plenty.

8 valuable thoughts they wrote, what's yours?:

jabblog said...

I think I could grow to like that spider :-)

bea said...

love the spider shot.

Sylvia K said...

That's terrific! And I love your photo! Looks as though it will be a fun and spooky weekend at your house! Enjoy!


Hootin Anni said...

Oh my gosh....this is so super amazing!!!!

Mine this week is 'themed Halloween' too.

Area 51 Critter

Ralph said...

Even though our 'kids' are 21 and 19, we have managed to save a number of crafts of their early years (especially as Christmas ornaments :)

The spider looks winsome and cute. A work of art!

Diane AZ said...

Beautiful spider! The shadows are so crisp, it looks like the spider has twice as many legs.

Unknown said...



The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

Don't you just love hangning up all of the kid's crafts? They are so proud & it's great for decorating the holidays!!
Enjoy your week!


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