Friday, October 15, 2010

Proud to be a Military Veteran

Some people can't appreciate what we, men and women in uniform, does for our country. I am proud to say that I did served the military for 20 years. I have learned a lot in joining the service, that is why I am proud to be a Veteran and I am proud of my Uncle Paul (he died in Germany) and my Dad who both served the military during the WW2.
My school is honoring all the veterans who are are attending school so they gave us a shirt and will also give us an iPod next month. It's a nice feeling to be appreciated!
For those who continuously supports the military people, thank you!
For those who doesn't, try to appreciate their sacrifices! Have a nice day everyone!

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eileeninmd said...

I am proud of our military, it is nice that your are being appreciated. Happy Ruby Tuesday!

Junneth said...

I salute you John for serving and protecting your country as a military man for 20 years. Oh that quite long service. You deserve the honor from that school!

Liz said...

Cute tee!

My Ruby Tuesday links:
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Kelli said...

great colour for Ruby Tuesday

Wifey10 said...

those who doesn't give credits to what you soldiers do toy uor country must be a fool..i always admire those peoplegiving their life for their country.

Marice said...

love that shirt :)


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