Saturday, July 10, 2010

Lightning Bug catcher

Our daughter love catching firefly. Every night, she is at our backyard with a jar and trying to catch them. The photos and video below were taken/recorded when we visited my father after her birthday celebration.
Here's the fun video. Happy birthday princess!

3 valuable thoughts they wrote, what's yours?:

Carmen Araneta said...

When I was as little as your daughter, I love catching dragonflies naman of different colors and also place them in a jar.

Unknown said...

I have been meaning to elave message but I was running out of time. Anyway, I enjoy watching Rylie catching some fireflies, Sounds like the mom had so much fun, I enjoyed listening her voice in the background. And EJ is really good in making faces.

Carletta said...

This certainly brings back memories from long ago. I remember my Dad always telling us 'you better let them go' before we went to bed. He didn't want us to wake up to a jar of dead bugs. :)


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