Saturday, April 17, 2010

Precious Shadows

Spending quality time with your children is something that you should cherish and do as often as you can because one day the opportunity will be gone and you'll be left with regret. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have grown up with a stay-at-home-mom. She always kept me busy with play and learning.
My wife and I spoke about this type of thing often, even before we had children. She agreed that it would be best if she stayed at home until our kids were older. I am very pleased with her decision. I can do without the material things, that so many trade their lives away for, just to ensure that we are all happy and healthy. After all, your career won't be at your bedside when your time comes but your children and family will be.

I've never had the greatest balance in the world. I am so glad that our daughter's balance is more in tune with her mother's. She really enjoyed testing her balancing skills on this beam.
She was very proud at the end of the road.
See that smile of satisfaction?
This one is into climbing into everything.
He fell face-first into a step on this toy and got a bloody nose for his troubles. He cried for a brief moment and then was right back at it again. Do you notice the Lego blocks in his hands? He always has a choice toy that he will carry with him all day. On this day, it was his blocks.
The weather is so crazy in our neck of the woods. Two days ago it was 82 degrees and today it is 42 degrees. Wow, what a difference. It is like nature is teasing us.
Congratulations to the Shadow Shot Sunday for reaching the 100th posts!
Have a blessed Sunday everyone!
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14 valuable thoughts they wrote, what's yours?:

Sylvia K said...

What delightful shadow shots, John! I do so agree with you both, I didn't work when my children were little either and I wouldn't take anything for the time I had with them then. Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend!


Ralph said...

I agree with the time you can spend with the children is so important in teaching values such a commitment. Our oldest is graduating from college next month, our son is a sophomore. The time flies, always consider time together ase a true blessing...

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

Oh these are Precious Shadows! Sweet little children enjoying a bright day at the playground. I loved this post!

Lindz said...

wow look at them they've grown up, sooner or later they will want different activities other than playing at the park. That sure a precious shadows indeed. Thanks for sharing.

Americana Lady said...

Your a good Dad! A perfect moment in time recorded for them to remember. The shadows help to keep the play equipment cool to the touch. Joan

Ebie said...

How fun! These are precious moments!

Hey Harriet said...

Great post and so very true. I love the photos of your little boy in the tunnel. Cute!

Kim, USA said...

I so agree with you 100% John. Happy Sunday!


Lisa's RetroStyle said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful day!! Loads of great shadows in the pics!

Clarissa said...

What a precious time you had with them! Cherish every moment!

Thanks for dropping by,Sir John!Have a nice week ahead!

 gmirage said...

In here we call it Verr├╝cktes Wetter (crazy) and yes, it's driving me crazy too not knowing what to wear, mornin would be cold and later the sun shines hot! lol. Great photo stories...the kids really enjoy playing out a lot!

(My comment are for two memes, as I use different blogs for both)


SASSY MOM said...

Agree with you John, nothing can compensate with the time you spend with your family. Hubs and I also believe in that...I had to give up my career because I feel that one parent should take care of the kids full time. They wont be kids for so long might as well enjoy it. Love your post.
Pixelbug Weekend

Anonymous said...

Doting fathers are very rare these days. I agree with what you said, the office can replace you once you're gone but we're all irreplaceable with our families. Have a good week! Regards to Chubs (Rose)

Marice said...

i so agree! nothing beats quality time with your loved ones!


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