Monday, April 5, 2010

Basement Renovation

Three years ago, my wife and I decided to renovate our basement because it looked like heck. Our home is an older house built in the fifties and nothing had ever been upgraded. The basement was more like a dungeon with asbestos tile all around. The bathroom was merely an enclosed area made of glazed block and a pipe coming out of the wall for water. There was so much mold and mildew, it was disgusting. We decided that it was as much of a health risk as it was ugly, so we jumped in right away and renovated. My Dad helped me to bust out and remove old concrete and block and my loving wife and daughter helped me to lay tile and paint. Here is the laundry room now.
....and the new bathroom.. The bathroom actually looks much better than the pics show. The lighting prevented any good shots. I still have to install a toilet paper holder in order to finish the job but just haven't gotten around to it just yet...hehehe

I added this shower so that when we decide to take shower after our workout, we don't have to go upstairs, we can just jump right in down here. Pardon for the unclear glass, my wife just got out from shower after her work out when these photos were taken.
We are not done with the renovation yet as we still have to put ceiling in the laundry area. Doing renovation inside your home is fun, I definitely love doing projects like these. My wife and I are DIYers and we always let the kids help. They seem to love it as much as we do.

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Mike Golch said...

Joops,The basement looks good to me. I must appoligize to you I am cutting down on the number blogs I follow on my google reader,the sad news is that you are one of them.The good news is that you are in the military related blog roll and in my favs on both my Entre Card blogs.I will still be visiting you every day,and try to comment more often.

xinex said...

Great job! I wish my hubby was as handy. Happy Easter!...Christine

Dhemz said...

wow! love the bathroom....very neat! good luck on your next home improvements!

daniii♥ said...

The renovations are looking good!

(visiting from New Friend Friday)

Court said...

Stopping by from frog2fab to follow back :)
I love what you did with your basement.
Happy Easter! Courtney

Rossel said...

great job! my husband and I are DIYers too. laborers cost too much so to save some, we better yet do some home improvements ourselves.

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Brian said...


I have a quick question about your blog, do you think you could e-mail me?



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