Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hospital Tour

One requirement that I have to do in one of the subjects I am taking with the Nuclear Medicine course is to go to a hospital and look at their facility and observe. I went to the Weirton Medical Center and I I had a good time out there. The only thing that discouraged me are the things that some of the employees there told me about the field I am taking. They said that the job opportunity for this field is very scarce.
This made me think twice whether to continue or not with this course. My wife and I talked about it and she suggested for me to look for a course that is in demand in this area. I mean I like this field that I am taking but if I won't be able to get a job for it, then I have to shift.
So this summer, I have decided to shift my course into accounting rather than to continue with nuclear medicine course.

Oh man, it's hard when you have kids already because you have to take consideration of what is best for them before you make big decisions like this. But anyhow, I hope I do good on this next course that I will take.
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Dhemz said...

good luck sure accounting is easy for yah! why don't you proceed to nursing instead.

EJ said...

I was really beginning to enjoy the Nuclear Medicine program and then reality struck. The market is small and the schools are pumping out graduates at an alarming rate. It will only get worse. I thought about Nursing but I'm just not into that aspect of the medical field. The job demand is big but I haven't heard many good things about this field from the nurses that I know. I'm really good with numbers and the accounting field offers many different employment avenues. We'll see.


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