Thursday, May 26, 2022

New Eyeglasses for the Whole Family

 We had our eye exam appointments a few weeks ago and had new sets of eye glasses.  I opted to get non-bifocals as it messed up my lower vision.  Now I am still adjusting to this new one, that's the thing I don't like about getting a new specs, you have to re adjust and get used to it again.  Anyway, mine is always the most expensive for some reason.  I think it is because my eyesight is the most jacked among the four of us.  All of us wear eyeglasses.  My son uses his every single time.  I only use mine to see from afar.  Hubby uses his to read small letters and our daughter need hers for school reading.  It's good to have an insurance but I am not sure if the monthly payments for the insurance really is worth it.

Friday, March 11, 2022

Tempur-Pedic Bed

We have been planning to a new mattress but we were having a hard time deciding which one to get.  This year, we finally decided on Tempur-Pedic.  Funny when you are married for a long time, the birthday gifts shifted to what we really need kind of gifts.  At least for us, it works that way.  My husband said he wanted a new bed for his birthday so that's what we got.
We chose this one because it has a unique balance of support, cooling comfort and state-of-the-art hybrid technology.  The Serta iSeries Hybrid 3000 mattress boasts a 13.5-inch profile and 4 inches of advanced memory foam, combined with individually wrapped coils for universal comfort and rejuvenating support. 
My husband has been waking up with an achy body so we are glad that this mattress offers a  rejuvenating sleep with the cooling, pressure-relieving embrace of the Serta iSeries Hybrid 3000 mattress.
This was delivered on our porch so hubby and I had to haul it upstairs. 
We bought this when they were having a President's sale so we got an eight hundred discount off it's price so with tax, it  cost $2,246.99.  We have been using it for a month and hubby  said he no longer ache when he gets up in the morning which is a big relief.  


Thursday, March 3, 2022

Southern Park Mall in Boardman Ohio

 The closest mall from our place is the Mall in Robinson and Ross Park Mall.  We used to go to Steuben Mall but ever since our favorite stores closed, we don't go there anymore.  There's also one that we go to once in a while in Wheeling called The Highland but it's a bit farther so  we only go there when we are near the area.  

Lately, we have been going to Boardman because of the food adventure that our kids have suggested and found out that there's a big mall there too so we explore after we eat.
We did some shopping there and like the selection.  What we  love about the mall is that in the middle of it, there are entertaining activities you can do too such as corn hole, train ride, table tennis or pingpong, and many more.
I also love the healthy plants that they have (I didn't take pictures of it but they are so pretty).
I wish the one in Robison has these options too, it would be a good place for the whole family to hangout and have fun.
This mall is far from us but it's fun visiting because of the various things you can do aside from shopping.

Sunday, October 24, 2021

Barstools and Table we Bought for our new Kitchen

 We went to Sugarcreek on May 1st and looked at  furniture in Weaver's Fine Furniture.  We like this Antique Slate seat and top and white with gassinaier glaze set of table and barstools.  They told us that it would take a while before it can be delivered since they are handmade and the shortage of wood during this pandemic is causing their production some delays.  We didn't mind since our kitchen was still being worked on then.

It actually took them longer to finish it.  We didn't received it until the second week of October.  They delivered it on the day of our 18th wedding anniversary which was nice. 

The barstools for the island  was $187 each, a total of $748.

The barstools for the table cost $157 each, a total of $628
The table cost $667

Overall cost for these set of furniture is $2,043 with $122.58 tax = $2,165.58  I am glad that the delivery was free.  Other than the additional 4 weeks before they finally delivered it, we are happy of this purchase.  

Friday, August 13, 2021

Buick Encore for our new Driver

We bought our daughter the Buick Encore for her first car.  We got it  at #1 Cochran Robinson dealership.  The total cost was $25, 014.62 .  It was actually $24, 982 then we got a $1,250 rebate for their promo deals plus $750 military discount. The 2,000 discount helped a little to lower the cost but with tax and everything, we still ended up paying twenty five grand.  We financed the loan thru General Motors Financial.  I am glad that both hubby and I have a really good credit score, we qualified for a 0 interest loan which is really nice.   

Here she is practicing parallel parking at the DMV in Moundsville before she took the  driver's test. She's been driving long distances and she's doing pretty good. She's a worrier so even though she drives well, she still felt nervous prior to taking the test. She took her driving test on the 9th and she passed. She had to wait till she turned 16 before she could take it but she was fully ready.

I won't go through the features since I am not really good with cars but I found this video on YouTube that shows it.

Thursday, April 22, 2021

New Laptop

 My husband  got me an early birthday gift, a laptop.  My computer crashed last year and I haven't been able to do my usual writing routine for a long time.  I thought I wouldn't miss it but I actually do.  I guess, the writing has become part of my life ever since I become a Mom that not writing about my kids events and other moments got me feeling a little lost.  But anyway, I am starting to get back at it again, slowly but surely.  

I prefer desktop over laptop but the good thing about laptop is you can carry it anywhere and with our current situation which is renovating the entire first floor, it's tough to be in the office/  I love the color of this laptop.  I finally was able to download all of the pictures I have stored in the camera.  
My Onedrive  is now full ha ha ha.  I  uploaded all the videos on Youtube so I can delete them in my  laptop.  Thanks my love for this early birthday present. 

Sunday, August 30, 2020

Volleyball Shoes

Volleyball season has started although the school opening was pushed back to September as per mandated by the state.  My kids have definitely grew over the summer.  They are now both taller than me and definitely has a shoe size bigger than my feet.   Anyway, we have been shopping for shoes since July.   I think my daughter bought five pairs of shoes to use for school and sports.
 I can’t believe she’s wearing size 7 now.
 We bought her new set of knee pads and volleyball shoes last week.  She had her scrimmage game last Friday over at Oak Glen High which we were not allowed to watch.  This pandemic is a killjoy!
 She was between the black and white shoes.  Her final choice was the white one and that’s what hubby and I liked as well.

Friday, February 22, 2019

Affordable and Practical Gifts

When it comes to giving gifts, my husband is the most generous.  He  doesn't care about the price.  He likes name brand stuff but I am the opposite.  I am more of a practical gift giver and receiver.  I always think of what the person receiving the gift really need or what he can use instead of what he would like but don't really need.
Anyway, I don't really need a new purse but my husband found this one on sale so he got it for me on Valentine's day.  I didn't mind because I like the style and the color combination.  I could use it with a lot of clothing that I have in my closet so it's a plus point for him for choosing this.
For our son's birthday, we got him his favorite sweets.  We also got him a new bike which he can use  during the warm weather.  He was actually able to use it once this winter, we had a warmer day and he  tried riding this around the neighborhood.  We love riding bikes  as a family during summer so this is a perfect choice for his birthday.
My daughter is taking violin lessons so I thought getting her this stand is an excellent choice for one of her Christmas gifts along with the portable charger that she really wanted.  Now that she's a teen, I can't buy her anything without asking her first because she has her own preference now.  The music tripod was a surprise gift but I am glad she actually loved it.
Our son is into shoes these days so getting him a pair for Christmas was an easy  decision.  This din't cost a lot either.
The Steve Madden purse and wallet was  the gift I got from my husband last Christmas.
 For my husband's 50th birthday, I got him this set of 50-pound dumbbells.  If you are into weight lifting, you know that these ain't  cheap, every pound is a dollar worth.  I did however got a great deal with it as it was free shipping.
 Our goal is to  fill up this rack with dumbbells.  We still needs sets of 30, 35, 40, and 45 pounds.  The stand was my gift for him during Valentine's Day.  Last Christmas, I got him a weightlifting belt and some knee pads.  He uses them every time he works out at our  mini gym in the basement.  Building up our own  home gym is  a lot cheaper than  having a gym  membership.  It is convenient and we can use it for a long long time.
Gifts doesn't have to be expensive.  I firmly believe that it is the thought that counts.  

6 Best Ideas to Accessorize the Mother of the Bride Dresses with your Own Style

It’s very important to accessorize your dress rightly, as it can change the whole look of yours. A right accessory can take your look to another level. If you have picked up a very beautiful dress and no accessories, you will certainly miss that charm. For mother of the brides, makeup and accessories should be kept minimal to get that sophisticated and classy look.

Here are the 6 best ideas to accessorize the mother of the bride dresses with your own style:

1. Corsages:

Corsages are often worn by mother of the brides. They look elegant and classy. The color should coincide with the flowers being used in the decorations or the bouquet of the bride. But don’t go too heavy with the corsages as it will only add up to the floral budget list. Keep it minimal. There are many videos available over the internet for you to browse and learn how to make DIY ones. They look best with any of the mother of the bride dresses you choose.

2. Necklace:

A Statement necklace can instantly boost up any look you opt for. If you have chosen a dress which has a deep neckline or strapless one, you can go with elegant and bold neckpieces. However, being a mother of the bride, simple and minimal neckpieces will be the ideal choice for you. You can keep the earrings heavy with minimal neckpieces.

3. Earrings:

Another accessory to brighten up the whole look is earrings. They will give some structure to your face and goes well with any hairstyle. Cascading earrings suits everyone’s style and face. Pearls are a trend these days, so you can choose pearls to rock any dress you wear. If you are someone who can’t manage with long earrings, go for studs. After all, your comfort comes first!

4. Hats:

Hats make a wonderful accessory for mother of the brides. Nowadays, there are many beautiful options and designs available in hats. You just need to explore them. Hats should be chosen according to the wedding location. If it’s a spring summer wedding and the location is a garden or lawn, then wearing a hat becomes an ideal choice. But if it’s a beach wedding, hat would not go well with the theme of it.

Also, hats look perfect with the mother of the bride dresses tea length.

5. Shoes:

Pumps make the best option for the mother of the brides. Peep toe pumps which are glittery and mostly silver colored looks ideal with mother of the bride dresses tea length. However, it’s always best to choose shoes which make you comfortable. If you haven’t worn heels during your whole life, don’t go for heels then. Wear decent flats or the heel size in which you are comfortable in.

6. Clutch:

A clutch that is compact and complements your outfit is an ideal accessory to choose. You can carry a small perfume, lipstick or highlighter for touch-ups. Always go for clutches which have extra straps with it, so that you do not need to carry it in your hands all around. Bucket slings are trending these days and it goes well with any of your dress.

It’s a wrap here! Go and rock the party by accessorizing your mother of the bride dresses with your own style and comfort.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

4 of the Best Financial Decisions You Can Make for Your Family

When you decide to start a family, a lot of responsibility accompanies it. You now have people whose wellbeing you’re responsible for, and in the midst of all of that, looking after yourself is equally important. One of the best ways to look after your family is by making financial decisions that will give them a brighter future. Although every decision you make probably won’t be right, you can increase your chances of making the right ones by acquiring the correct knowledge. There are some financial decisions that you can make that should ensure everyone is comfortable in the long term.

Creating a College Fund

If you have young kids, you will want to see them do better than you have in life. As you know, education can create so many more opportunities, so securing a college fund for them may be a wise idea. Instead of overwhelming yourself with the cost of fees and putting saving off, take it a day at a time. If you were to save as little as $100 a month, that would give you $1,200 a year which could be much more over the next ten years. Here are a few ways to save for their college fund below.

Savings account: Opening a savings account is one of the most ideal and safest ways to save for your kids’ college fund. It is an easy way of saving but be careful because a disadvantage is that it could reduce the amount of financial aid they get.

529 College Plans: You could also explore the option of 529 college plans if you like the idea of investing after-tax money into stock and bond funds. You could then withdraw the money tax-free for qualified education expenses.

Prepaid Tuition Plans: A third option to explore for your kids’ college fund is a prepaid tuition plan. This is only ideal if you’re sure that your kids will attend an in-state public university and it allows you to pay for tuition credits in advance.

Life Insurance

Another great financial decision you can make for your family is getting life insurance. This can spook people out if they feel doing so is a bad omen, but death is an investable reality everyone is going to have to face. What you don’t want is to have your kids burdened with financial difficulties if you leave earlier than anticipated. To avoid this, look into best term life insurance, so they have some financial support if the unexpected happens. The good thing is that you could choose to get it for a term of 5, 10, 20 or 30 years.

Emergency Fund

Rainy days are going to happen more often than you’d like, but they aren’t so bad if you’re well prepared for them. To protect your family’s wellbeing, always have an emergency fund stashed away that you can access in the case of financial downturns.

Doing so should serve as a security net in the case of unemployment, major fixes, or unforeseen medical expenses. To actually have enough in your emergency fund, you may need to learn to be more frugal and cut down on leisure expenses.


Warren Buffet himself advises that people invest in low-cost stocks and bonds, so this is an option to try. You could even buy stocks for under $10, but it’s advisable that you stick with industries you have knowledge on. Get a brokerage firm or financial advisor to give you advice in this regard. However, you want to know that when you retire, you have passive income and won’t be a financial burden to those around you.

Ultimately, you want to make financial decisions that benefit the entire family. Even though you may not be able to control the future, you can influence it by making the right choices.


Victorious Smile!

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