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Thursday, October 11, 2012

ROCKin Green

If you  are using  cloth diapers with your baby, ROCKin Green is the best for you to use in cleaning your  baby's  cloth diaper.  I received these samples and I like  the fact that it is also available on HE  washers which is what we have.  Rockin in Green  laundry detergent  is available in  other natural scent like Mighty Mighty Marshmallow, Smashing Watermelons, Rage  Against the Raspberry,  Motley Clean, Lavender Mint Revival, and Bare Naked Babies.  
Thanks ROCKin Green!

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MaiThreeBoyz said...

wow, lucky you. i love the names of the variants, so cute.

visiting as RG, sis. here's my link:


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