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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Restaurant Uniforms

A couple of weeks ago, our two  children brought home a free meal gift certificate  at one of the  big  steak house restaurant here in the area.  It was their reward for doing good in school so we decided to  check it out as we have never tried  eating there.  The ambiance  of the restaurant makes you feel like you are way out in a country and the uniforms of the  servers  rocks!  The uniform of the   employees makes you feel like you are in a very fine dining place.  The way  employees dress up and   carry themselves in interacting  customers is a big impact on the success of  ones restaurant business.  

If you are a restaurant owner and you want to have   restaurant uniforms that makes a big impact on how your  restaurant looks and does business, check out the  selection of uniforms at Averill's Sharper Uniforms website.  They have a great selection of restaurant uniforms that certainly shows  professional statement.  From ties, ascots, waitstaff aprons, scarves, kitchen uniforms and more, you can find at the said  online store.  

Now if the way the staff looks and  the ways they treat customers  jive with  the taste of the food,  your restaurant will stay in business for a long time.  With our  recent experience  the staff are good but unfortunately, the taste of the food isn't as good as they advertised it to be.  Oh well, it was a good experience with the kids anyway.

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Zimbabwe said...

Sounds like a good meal out. I agree that dress is so important, nothing worse than slovenly dressed waiters. Take care Diane


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