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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Radio Communications

After I graduated from high school, I did not go to college right away. I worked at a big merchant and they have used radio communications back then. I had so much fun in that job because the owner assigned me a two way portable radio.  I  had it during  night time at our  quarters and  had a chance to communicate with other radio users and made a lot of friends.  I had a lot of great memories working   there.

I looked at  the selection CJ  component products  to see if they carry the same  portable radio that I used back then but  I did not see one.  They have the new high technology  products instead.  Most of their products are  used by military so it is pretty much of high  quality.  CJ Component Products   provides solutions to vital communication products that ensures reliability.  

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Zimbabwe said...

Things have changed somewhat now that every one has mobile phones! Take care Diane


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