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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Wildlife Gifts

I stumble upon this website that sells wildlife gifts.  I can't believe that  September is coming to an end already.  Two more months and the   season for gift giving is  here again.  Are you planning what to get your love ones already?  Of all the  wildlife home décor selection at Horse and Wildlife Gifts, the  7 Prancing  Horses Vase is my favorite.  I have a thing for horses so anything that has a horse design attracts  me.  I know that  Santa won't give me this kind of gift so I would just save money to buy this one for myself lol.   But seriously, I really like this vase in gold, the  design is very unique.  
Anyhow, pre-planning of what you will give to your dear ones  is a key to   stress free  gift giving season.  Time flies so fast and you won't even notice that Christmas is here already.    I am sure that some of you have  something in mind already of  what you are going to buy.  I told my daughter that Santa  stops coming by  when kids reaches certain age and she told me "Is santa  not visiting me this year?"  I told her that Santa may not come but  we, their parents, will give her something that he  wishes  for.  I hope that my savings will be enough to buy the  music instrument tat she wants, fingers crossed.

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