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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Loyalty Rewards

So far, my husband likes the  company that he works for.  Right now, he is still a temporary employee and  would be  under  probationary  basis for six months.  He likes the fact that the company cares about their employee.  They give the maximum benefits that any employee could get in a company.  The only thing is that, you have to prove to them that you really are worth   keeping for to work  for them.  That is why my husband is really working hard in order to   get a good performance evaluation  from his supervisor.  He wants  be a permanent  employee there because they don't have union so they give out perks and other benefits that other company doesn't give.  

I think that every company should learn how to  build  a business through  customer retention and rewards loyalty programs.  This would bring a great camaraderie between your companies employees which will  reflect on how satisfy your customers are.  When employees  love what they do,  the outcome is always  good.  This in turn  makes a good foundation for the business.  The better your employees perform their jobs, the better product and services they would  deliver to the customers.  One of the many incentives that a company can give to  employees and customers are the loyalty rewards.  This inspires employees to  perform even better and it also  give the customer some satisfaction to stay loyal to your  product and services.

If your company  wants to implement this kind of program and  you don't know what to do, you can consult Kobie Marketing.  They provide an expertise on this type of services including loyalty strategy, a proprietary  technology platform, and program management.  The success of their program is based  from customized solutions, seamless integration, channel option and more.  With Kobie, you will be assigned a liaison  which  will also act as  one of your extended  staff.  He will be the one to manage your day to day program management such as account maintenance, establishing partnership, handling reward  fulfillment and call center operations and more.  Your company will basically taken care of.  To check out the full details, just visit the link above.

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