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Friday, September 9, 2011

Mrs. Wide Feet

My husband calls me Mrs. Wide Feet sometimes and it's because I have a wide set of foot lol. I don't get upset with that because it is just his way of getting my attention when I am very focused in doing my tasks online. Sometimes, he would whisper in my ear and say "Hey Mrs. Wide Feet, it's time for a coffee break." My feet is wide but it is short so finding my size is a bit hard for me when I shop for shoes.

Plus Size Jillian Buckle Strap Boot imageIf your sizes are between 12w to 44w, you are very lucky because OneStopPlus offers those sizes with shoes, clothing, bra and lingerie, coats and many other products. They also have designer products available in different selections. You can find Wide Calf Boots, Studded Western Boots, Wonderling Boots, Lace Up Bootie, and many other kinds for a very reasonable price.

The selection of Jillian Buckle Strap Boots is the one that I like. They are marked down to 50% and it is rated 5 star so I am assuming that they are darn good. What do you think of the style? How about you, what style of boots do you like? Do you have a favorite store in buying your apparel and shoes?

2 valuable thoughts they wrote, what's yours?:

Dhemz said...

hahhaa...your feet is not wide at all...:)

Rachel said...

Ummm... THANK YOU!!! I LOVE boots, but as I journey to lose weight, I can never find boots in my size, and as this is a slow process for me, I pine away wishing for boots... I'm SO going to check out this website!!!!


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