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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Health Insurance

If you're a business owner, now is definitely the time to start doing some comparison shopping and research to ensure that you're getting the best possible level of coverage for the best possible price. The drastic changes outlined in the federal government's overhaul package will soon be taking affect. Many of these changes won't occur right away but will instead, be implemented over the next few years. Employers, as well as their group health provider will be required to conform to government policy or be punished. I definitely wouldn't want to get stuck in front of that steamroller.

It really makes me wonder how group health insurance will change, for the better and for the worse. History has proven that government and business are best kept apart and this type of control could create big problems for the healthcare industry. I'm not saying that the industry is without flaw, but I'm not too sure that the federal government should try and fix a system that works so well, that many citizens of other countries travel abroad to receive the specialized care that only our healthcare network can provide.

I read an article posted by the other day with regards to vanishing competition between health insurance companies. We all know what it means when competition dwindles, prices begin to rise. The government plans to control this situation but will this mean sacrifices in healthcare quality? With so many uncertainties, it's probably a good idea to research coverages and possibly lock-in to a great policy before too many things change.

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